new york. june, 2014.

get to know me meme [3/5] movies: pacific rim
"When I was a kid, whenever I’d feel small or lonely, I’d look up at the stars. Wondered if there was life up there. Turns out I was looking in the wrong direction. When alien life entered our world, it was from deep beneath the Pacific Ocean."

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Birds Of A Feather | by Claire Rosen.

A brilliant live portrait series by Claire Rosen featuring vintage wallpaper backdrops to accentuate and highlight the colors of each bird, which range from the common Parakeet to the exotic Hyacinth Macaw.

As seen on: Honestly WTF.

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i don’t get people who draws caliborn and calliope differently like they share body they can’t possible have different body types


Good Guy Mink parts 1, 2, and 3.

jag med. fuck sverigedemokraterna




Spotify, dina reklamer låter mer som mordhot…

hen ser ju så mordisk ut också, typ svartklädd och pekar på en. viskar att det kan vara den sista reklamen du ser, tar upp en pistol, fingret på avtryckaren. hen skrattar maniskt och trycker

Herregud, är du okej??